The Father I Needed


I’ve unfortunately seen too many scenarios and situations where Father’s have provoked their children to wrath…where Father’s blindly hurt their sons and daughters but wash it over with excuses that sound like Biblical truths of tough love and discipline.

When Father’s do that, they create children who are filled with a sense of bitterness, anxiety, anger, frustration and failure and self-depreciation.

That in of itself is sad and depressing. And, I figured it was time to actually address it.

See, recent events in my own life and with my own relationship with my earthly Father, or dad, has led me to a place where I have had to get even more real with seeing God as my Father, my Heavenly Father.

I’m reminded over and over through scripture and through tangible mental, spiritual and physical experiences that God is a good Father, and He is unlike my earthly Father who is still bound to imperfections and failures as a mere adult male.

It is through my growing relationship with seeing God as Father I have experienced a kind of healing and wholeness that I has been remarkable. I can be more detailed about this experience at a later blog posting.

It is also through the experience of seeing God as Father I learned about the kind of earthly Father I really, really needed growing up…and…that there was nothing wrong with understanding this about myself:

  • A Father that was not distant emotionally.
  • A Father who embraced and celebrated me without me having to “earn” it through accomplishments and by being a “good boy.”
  • A Father who kept constant communication with me and I with them and shared his wisdom.
  • A Father who loved and did not sow feelings of anxiety and fear.

Something really, really cool happened after I started putting all of this together. God started to show me that He was that and more for me where my earthly Father could not be.

God loves me. He loved me and all of us enough to send His son Jesus to die for us and save and cleanse us of all our sins past, present and future.

And the good news is we have a Father that we can go too through Christ Jesus.

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